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Whether you seek to present a dashing figure to your bride-to-be, or wish to celebrate the joyful union of a friend or family member, Your Dressmaker offers a great variety of wedding and handfasting apparel for men. Whether you need period clothing for a themed wedding from the medieval, renaissance, Celtic, or Scottish traditions, our in-house tailors are worthy of the task. Our unique designs cater to a variety of historical periods and genres including steampunk and gothic. Whether you need a tunic for the role of medieval knight, or a buccaneer shirt for a ceremony upon the Seven Seas, Your Dressmaker offers these items and more. Perhaps you wish to portray the royal leader of a medieval kingdom. We create cloaks made of high quality materials such as velour, satin, and cotton fabrics. Customize your look with the choices in fabric, color, styles, and other extra features that we provide. Whatever theme is chosen for this monumental occasion, Your Dressmaker can provide you with the period clothing necessary to fulfill you role. Be you the groom, or a loyal attendant, you will be impressed by the quality and authentic style of our designs. Our good wishes go with you as you partake in a joyous wedding celebration.
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Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard

Item # MCI-255
The Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard is an elegant garment that is quite reminiscent of the Musketeers. This tabbard is made of high-quality velvet and is a great way to add a touch of obvious French style to your favored look.

Brocade Victorian Vest

Item # MCI-605
Whether you are attending a steampunk affair or a modern formal occasion, you should always try to look dapper. Wear this fantastic Brocade Victorian Vest. This vest looks wonderful as part of any gothic, steampunk, or formal outfit.

Courtly Breeches

Item # MCI-308
Tailored from high-quality velvet fabric, the Courtly Breeches are calf-length breeches that can be used to build a wide variety of outfits that are either historically accurate or completely fictional, as well as extremely stylish.

Duke's Vest

Item # MCI-266
Simplicity is not always a bad thing. In the Duke's Vest, simplicity is an advantage that is almost unbeatable. This sleek vest is not meant only for antiquated styles of clothing, as it can be used in countless ways to great effect.

French Baron Breeches

Item # MCI-282
These French Baron Breeches are an essential part of virtually any European Renaissance outfit. These fitted breeches are made from luxurious taffeta and, when paired with the proper shirt, help to create an authentic and stylish look.

Gentleman's Renaissance Shirt

Item # MCI-278
The Gentleman's Renaissance Shirt is one of the most elegant and dressy medieval-style shirts available. Made of batiste, this shirt features attractive and tasteful decorations that complement any upscale renaissance look perfectly.

Gentleman's Vest

Item # MCI-265
The Gentleman's Vest is a visually complex and striking vest that looks great with medieval and renaissance attire. It is also multi-purpose garment that can be used in many ways, from antiquated attire to Steampunk clothing and beyond.

Gentlemens Brown Brocade Vest

Item # MCI-609
Strolling along the gardens of your vast manorial estate, you look powerful and distinguished wearing this fantastic Gentlemens Brown Brocade Vest. This vest looks wonderful as a part of any steampunk outfit for a formal occasion.

Gentlemens Twill Vest

Item # MCI-602
Dapper gentlemen of the modern and Victorian ages look fabulous in formal clothes. Add fantastic style to your outfit with the Gentlemens Twill Vest. This vest looks wonderful as part of any gothic, steampunk, or formal outfit.

Gentlemens Velvet Double Breasted Vest

Item # MCI-728
An airship captain or wealthy steampunk aristocrat should look dapper and distinguished. Wear this fantastic Gentlemens Velvet Double Breasted Vest. It looks wonderful at many steampunk and modern events, including formal ones.

King Henry Royal Doublet

Item # MCI-357
Nothing will make you look as regal as a king quite like wearing a kings garments. With this King Henry Royal Doublet so readily available, it is a garment that you can add to your attire, to give yourself a royal look whenever you like.

King Henry Royal Pants

Item # MCI-361
These King Henry Royal Pants are a great way to bring something regal and bright into your look, as well as a comfortable pair of pants to wear. That makes them a stellar addition to your wardrobe, to draw on as often as you like!