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Quality Renaissance and Medieval Clothing

With high quality materials and superior craftsmanship, Your Dressmaker creates the Renaissance and medieval clothing of your dreams. We offer an extensive selection of handmade period clothing for men, women, and children, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail by our talented tailors. Your Dressmaker has everything you need to dress with authenticity and style at your next medieval or fantasy LARP event, historic reenactment, Renaissance faire, or medieval wedding. Women can start their historic reenactment outfits right with our variety of medieval chemises and underdresses made from materials like cotton and rayon, ideal for dressing up in both comfort and accuracy. Layer our historic petticoats and Victorian hoop skirts under our elegant ball gowns for an authentic look that will astound at your next event, be it Renaissance festival, costume ball, theatrical production, or medieval wedding. For men, we carry the must-have clothing for any historic costume as well as unique and elegant pieces fit for noblemen across historic eras. Shop versatile medieval shirts that work well for any character and medieval pants made from materials like woven cotton, soft suede material, and velvet. These medieval and Renaissance costume essentials will suit almost any historic character, from swashbuckling pirate to medieval peasant, Crusading knight, European mercenary, or Renaissance nobleman, all depending on how you style and accessorize your ensemble. Wear one of our baroque vests to transform yourself into a well-to-do Renaissance man, or don a hand embroidered tunic for a Celtic inspired look. Add detail and protection to any medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian outfit with our variety of historic cloaks and capes, with a selection that ranges from woven natural cotton peasant capes to beautiful brocade princess cloaks, fur trimmed Renaissance shoulder capes, soft faux suede hooded cloaks, and elegant Renaissance cloaks for men and women of the court. Adorn yourself with our medieval and Renaissance accessories, including handmade leather belts, stylish Renaissance hats, and historic reenactment bags and pouches, so you can keep all your belongings handy and secure without breaking out of authentic style for your historic LARP or medieval reenactment event.

Our expert attention to quality, design, and detail at Your Dressmaker ensures you will be finely clothed at your next special event, whether you wear a princess dress detailed with beautiful fabrics, like satin, taffeta, antique velvet, or intricately patterned brocade, a medieval maiden costume made from natural cotton with an authentic rustic texture, or a mens medieval rogue look complete with a leather trimmed cloak. Our period clothing pieces are inspired by a wide variety of historic eras and various cultures as well as the garments worn by famous historic figures, and we even offer high quality costume clothing inspired by popular fantasy series and movies rooted in historic style, such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. No matter the era, culture, or class, we carry the quality Renaissance and medieval clothing that will help you achieve your most authentic and stylish historic look yet. Shop elegant Renaissance dresses, beautiful baroque vests for both men and women, medieval cloaks, soft suede capes, medieval tunics, Celtic robes, and even traditional Scottish kilts and Highlander dresses.

Custom Medieval Clothing

When it comes to special events, you want to look your best no matter the occasion. Your Dressmaker prides itself in helping you achieve the medieval and Renaissance outfit of your dreams, and we accomplish this with our custom tailoring. Our period clothing is handmade by expert tailors, so we are happy to make alterations that will better suit your unique size or style needs, whether this means adjusting measurements for the perfect fit or substituting one of our high quality fabrics for another. Get the exact look you need for your next Renaissance faire, medieval reenactment, LARP event, theatrical production, medieval wedding, or costume ball with custom tailored historic clothing from Your Dressmaker.

Womens Renaissance and Medieval Dresses

Delve into Your Dressmakers impressive selection of historic dresses inspired by eras and cultures of the past. Our beautiful reenactment dresses are a testament to the superior skill of our highly talented tailors and the quality of our high end materials used to create every historic gown. Your Dressmaker offers impressive Renaissance dresses, elegant womens medieval gowns, historic Tudor dresses, womens Victorian fashion, traditional Scottish dresses, and more, drawing inspiration across eras, cultures, and classes for the most authentic styles and details of Renaissance and medieval fashion. Browse through our beautiful brocade dresses fit for noblewomen, rustic country maiden dresses, and taffeta and silk dresses for women of the royal court. Feel like a princess or a queen in our full skirted ball gowns, and make a statement at your next historic reenactment event or sophisticated costume ball when you wear one of our expertly detailed baroque dresses. Because of their fine quality and attention to detail, many of our womens historic dresses makes ideal theatrical production costumes and incredible medieval wedding gowns. Our talented tailors can even custom alter dresses to suit your individual needs. We also carry petticoats, chemises, hoop skirts, and corsets to help you achieve a properly layered look and authentic silhouette.

Men's Re-enactment and Medieval Clothing

Get dressed for your next historic reenactment or medieval festival with mens reenactment clothing from Your Dressmaker. Our wide selection of mens fashion spans eras and cultures, with historic clothing ranging from medieval peasant shirts to the frilled collars of Renaissance nobility, all expertly made out of high quality materials by our talented tailors. Shop historic essentials, like our medieval lace up shirts and rustic woven cotton pants to noblemens suede pants, brocade Renaissance breeches, Crusader tunics, fur trimmed cloaks, traditional Scottish kilts, Victorian tailcoats, frock coats, doublets, and more. Top your outfit with an antique velvet Renaissance jacket or a Celtic robe, depending on your style and character. Our skilled tailors can alter the measurements and materials of much of our medieval, renaissance, and Victorian menswear, providing you with limitless options. With high quality mens medieval and Renaissance clothing from Your Dressmaker, you are sure to be dressed your best for your next medieval reenactment, LARP event, costume ball, theatrical production, or themed wedding.

Kids Medieval and Renaissance Clothing

Your Dressmaker carries historic reenactment clothing for every member of the family, including children. Made to the same standard of quality and authenticity as our adult clothing, our kids medieval and Renaissance clothing is a fantastic choice when it comes to dressing your child as their ideal historic character. Shop Your Dressmaker for childrens Celtic robes, boys Crusader tunics, childrens medieval knight costumes, kids pirate shirts, girls Renaissance dresses, boys baroque frocks, and girls medieval maiden gowns. Complete their Renaissance faire outfit with our historic petticoats, renaissance hats, and medieval cloaks, all sized specifically for children. Our skilled tailors can also custom alter our childrens medieval clothing for an outfit individually tailored to your child that they will love to wear for historic reenactment, special events, medieval LARP, themed weddings, and more.

Medieval Wedding Dresses

Let Your Dressmaker help make your wedding memorable and unique with our beautifully handcrafted medieval wedding dresses. Constructed out of the most elegant and high quality fabrics, our historic wedding dresses are beautiful gowns that will enchant and amaze on your wedding day. With handmade trim and detail of the utmost quality, Your Dressmaker creates medieval wedding gowns that will become cherished mementos of your special day that you can enjoy for years after your event. Explore our selection of brocade wedding dresses with ornate floral patterns, antique velvet dresses with luxurious full skirts and long medieval sleeves, Victorian wedding dresses, ornate Renaissance wedding gowns, and regal medieval wedding dresses with elegant trains. Our expert tailors can customize our period wedding dresses for a look that perfectly suits your unique style, shape, and themed wedding. Make sure your look is authentic with the proper medieval petticoats, period hoop skirts, and historic corsets, also offered here at Your Dressmaker. Get the complete look of your dreams with our medieval wedding accessories, including fashionable womens Renaissance hats and baroque handbags. Browse our selection of historic menswear and childrens medieval and Renaissance clothing to make sure the rest of your wedding party is outfitted in elegance and style.

Medieval Accessories

Complete your historic reenactment look with an accessory from Your Dressmaker. We offer a selection of medieval and Renaissance hats, belts, bags, fasteners, and more to perfectly complement our range of period clothing. Top off your elegant Renaissance look with any of our matching Renaissance hats fit for fine noblewomen, Victorian summer hats, and baroque hats hand embellished with beading, trim, and feather details. Explore eras and cultures past with our French Renaissance hats, traditional Scottish hats, and practical fur trimmed hats for medieval LARP and reenactment events. Many of our historic hats can be altered to your individual style by our expert tailors, who can substitute fabrics and colors to match your historic reenactment outfit.

Add interest to your Renaissance outfits and medieval garb with a leather belt from Your Dressmaker. All of our real leather belts have been handmade for an authentic look in a variety of styles to suit your reenactment style and era, and most are available in both black and brown leather options. We carry leather belts for men and women, including Templar belts, Scottish belts, Crusader belts, and Celtic belts, many embellished with unique leather craftsmanship and metallic details. Accentuate your waist with our lace up leather belts for women, or accessorize your Renaissance nobleman outfits with our matching Renaissance belts, many featuring ornate historic belt buckles.

Keep your essentials secure and by your side with Your Dressmakers selection of Renaissance pouches and medieval leather bags. Our leather belt bags are perfect for historic reenactment and medieval LARP events, keeping your belongings close while your hands stay free. The right bag is not just a statement accessory but also a crucial component to your authentic look, so shop our variety of leather shoulder bags, suede pouches, and even womens baroque handbags for a carrying style that best fits your needs.

Your Dressmakers cloak fasteners will help keep your medieval or renaissance cloaks, coats, and capes secure at your next reenactment event. 100 percent lead and nickel free, our high quality cloak fasteners are made from antique pewter, so they make stylish and practical additions to any outfit. Our skilled tailors can also, upon request, attach these cloak accessories to any garments you order.

Baroque and Carnival Dresses

Baroque and Carnival dress styles require incredible detail and skillful construction. Let the talented tailors at Your Dressmaker supply you with beautiful dresses in these elegant styles for all your historic reenactment events and special occasions. Our baroque dresses are made from many high quality brocade fabrics with elegant golden and silver colored floral patterns. Shop beautiful period dresses detailed with antique velvet, lace, and frills for a regal and aristocratic look. Expertly made with attention to detail, our baroque gowns can be custom tailored to your size and specifications, so you can impress with a look at the height of Baroque fashion at your next costume ball, Renaissance festival, theatrical production, or other special event. Our expert construction and beautiful fabrics ensure you will stand out when you wear one of our Carnival dresses. Accessorize these historic dresses with our versatile petticoats and historic hoop skirts to better display the full beauty of their voluminous skirts.