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Dresses and Gowns

The expert craftsmanship and astonishing attention to detail of Your Dressmaker truly shines in our incredible selection of womens medieval dresses and gowns. Here you will find medieval peasant gowns alongside elaborate and regal Renaissance dresses befitting grand ladies of the court. These intricately detailed period dresses are inspired by the styles of eras long past across a variety of cultures, and our assortment includes Italian Renaissance dresses, the royal Victorian dresses, baroque gowns, Highlander dresses, Tudor dresses, and even medieval fantasy dresses. High quality materials make up each of our historic dresses, so shop here for brocade Renaissance gowns, velvet dresses, silk and taffeta baroque dresses, Scottish tartan dresses, and essential natural woven cotton medieval dresses. Made by hand, our dresses can be tailored to fit your unique size, making it easier than ever to get the look of your dreams. Whether your event calls for an ornate ball gown or a country maiden dress, we have medieval raiment of the highest quality ready to represent your unique taste with historic authenticity, style, and unmatched beauty at your next historic reenactment or special occasion.
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Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Black with Gold

Item # MCI-624
The Black with Gold Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood is perfect for any medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy occasion. Made of smooth black taffeta and ornate brocade, this hooded Renaissance gown has an aura of decadence and mystery.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Black with Silver

Item # MCI-621
The Black with Silver Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood has unmatched mystique and elegance. This hooded Renaissance gown is made of smooth black taffeta and accented with ornate brocade in a damask pattern.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Blue with Gold

Item # MCI-619
Captivate the court and commoners alike when you wear the Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood. This long sleeve medieval gown is made of smooth blue taffeta with ornate gold brocade accenting the front and trimming the hood and sleeves.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Copper

Item # MCI-625
The Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood in Copper has elegance that will impress at any medieval court. This hooded gown is made of copper taffeta and accented with gold brocade down the front, at the sleeves, and along its hood.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Silver with Black

Item # MCI-623
The Silver with Black Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood has an air of both elegance and mystery. This hooded Renaissance gown is made of smooth, silver taffeta and accented with beautiful brocade in a silver and black damask pattern.

Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-457
The Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress is made out of high quality, heavy velvet with a low sheen for a refined appearance. Delicate golden trim accents the lines of the dress, and faux amber gems decorate the sleeves and bodice.

Baroque Antoinette Dress

Item # MCI-208
Calling to mind images of opulent nobility and royalty, the Baroque Antoinette Dress is an absolutely beautiful renaissance-styled dress made from soft, luxurious taffeta that features a number of elegant and attractive design elements.

Baroque Queen Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-431
Expertly handmade with intricate attention to detail, the Baroque Queen Renaissance Dress radiates the exquisite aura of royalty. Inspired by the Baroque styles of French Renaissance fashion, this dress is truly fit for a queen.

Baroque Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-441
Dress yourself in the fashion of French nobility when you wear the Baroque Renaissance Dress. This extravagant gown is made of brocade and taffeta adorned with generous cream colored lace and artfully handcrafted ruffle details.

Baroque Renaissance Gown - Custom

Item # MCI-104-C
Our Custom Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two piece dress ensemble consisting of a bodice and skirt. The bodice and skirt are made of a high quality baroque brocade fabric with an inner panel in your choice of fabric.

Belted Medieval Dress

Item # MCI-453
Handmade from 100% natural cotton, the Belted Medieval Dress is an excellent addition to any historic reenactment wardrobe. Comfortable and durable, this historic dress is an essential that can easily adapt to any occasion.

Black and Cream Civil War Dress

Item # MCI-216
The Black and Cream Civil War Dress is a simple yet elegant renaissance-styled one-piece dress that stayed popular well into the Civil War and beyond, thanks in part to the sophistication and beauty the style lent to all who wore it.