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For an accessory that goes well with a variety of looks and styles, and proves handy for carrying weaponry, pouches, and other attachments, a belt is the go to. At Your Dressmaker, we offer a vast assortment of ring belts and decorative buckle belts from a wide selection of historical periods. If you need a leather belt to complete your outfit for a LARP battle or a Civil War reenactment, we have a great collection from which to choose. If you seek a decorative belt buckle to raise your esteem at a banquet or faire, at Your Dressmaker we offer belts from the Renaissance, Medieval, and Victorian eras. Whether you plan to attend a Celtic festival that celebrates tradition and heritage, or seek to recreate a military battle fought by your Roman ancestors, we have the leather belts that you need. Perhaps you wish to join the Gothic subculture, or seek to depict a Neo-Victorian character during a theatrical performance. Your Dressmaker carries belts to match these looks and more. Each belt is masterfully handmade from genuine cowhide leather. We offer belts with braided designs, brass and nickel riveting, and color options between black and brown. No matter what era or culture you seek to portray, a versatile belt is an essential piece to your costume. At Your Dressmaker, we know that our handmade belts will add that final touch to your role.

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Arthur Leather Belt

Item # MCI-325
The intriguing and attractive Arthur Leather Belt is hand-crafted from leather and features a number of intriguing designs that make it quite an impressive belt to look at and of course, it is still a totally functional belt.

Artus Leather Belt

Item # MCI-326
The Artus Leather Belt is an intriguing belt that is as functional as it is visually appealing. This buckle belt is made entirely from leather and makes a great addition to almost any look, be it medieval, renaissance, or fantasy.

Baroque Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-335
Aside from being a purely practical accessory that has dozens of uses, the Baroque Buckle Belt is also a sleek and stylish accessory that matches different styles of looks. It fits well into contemporary looks as well as historical ones.

Circle Stones Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-379
The Circle Stones Buckle Belt features a unique design on its buckle. The circular metal buckle displays an inlaid ring of round, pale stones speckled with a darker color, giving this historic reenactment accessory its distinct style.

Crossed Leather Belt

Item # MCI-371
That last dash of style might be just what you need to bring together your costume, but where do you get it? A perfect belt is just the thing, and for something bold, there is no better belt to consider than this Crossed Leather Belt.

Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-336
The Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt is an attractive belt and belt buckle combination that can add just the right knightly touch to virtually any look. It is great not only for modern looks but also for knightly and historical ones.

Essential Leather Belt

Item # MCI-382
The Essential Leather Belt is exactly what its name implies. This handmade leather belt is a fantastic accessory sure to match almost any reenactment outfit, whether you are dressing for a Renaissance festival or medieval LARP event.

Gerlinta Leather Belt

Item # MCI-327
Crafted with a unique look resembling a leather strap, the Gerlinta Leather Belt is a tasteful and intriguing accessory that does exactly what a belt should and more, accenting your look with its distinctive design and style.

Knights Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-337
Not everything about a knight needs to be rugged and warrior-like. Consider, for example, the Knights Buckle Belt. This attractive accessory is a simple belt and buckle combination that would look great around any waist.

Nobles Brocade Knot Belt

Item # MCI-573
The wealthier merchant or noble may desire fancier accessories. The Nobles Brocade Knot Belt makes a wonderful addition to any medieval ensemble. This ring belt is the perfect accessory for historical ensembles and fantasy outfits.

Saxon Black Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-331
If you are looking for a long black leather belt to compliment your new look, whether it is gothic or medieval, then you have found it in the Saxon Black Buckle Belt. This belt is made from leather and fits well into most styles.

Soft Cotton Knot Belt

Item # MCI-572
Stylishly cinch your tunic or gown with the Soft Cotton Knot Belt. This medieval belt fastens by tying a knot after threading one end through its rectangular ring. Choose from a variety of colors, all made from natural woven cotton.