Antique Velvet

With a subdued shine and a luxuriously smooth feel, our selection of Renaissance and medieval-inspired clothing made from antique velvet is ideal for achieving a truly refined and regal look. This material has no stretch and presents a less extravagant but more distinguished approach to historic styles when compared to its sister fabrics, such as crushed velvet. Often coupled with golden lace and metallic patterned brocade, our antique velvet section contains queenly velvet Tudor-inspired dresses, Renaissance noblemens breaches, Renaissance jackets, and velvet frock coats, all expertly handmade with the utmost attention to detail and quality construction. We also carry accessories here that will match many of the Baroque and Tudor-inspired looks seen in this section, such as our feathered Renaissance caps.
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Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress
Product #MCI-457
Price: $225.00
Courtly Breeches
Product #MCI-308
Price: $75.00
Feathered Victorian Noble Dress with Train
Product #MCI-342
Price: $200.00
Mens Ornate Renaissance Jacket
Product #MCI-407
Price: $215.00
Mens Ornate Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-397
Price: $44.00
Mens Velvet Renaissance Pants
Product #MCI-386
Price: $80.00
Nobleman's Jacket
Product #MCI-307
Price: $175.00
Open Front Baroque Jacket
Product #MCI-408
Price: $200.00
Renaissance Noblewomans Dress
Product #MCI-455
Price: $300.00
Tudor Court Gown
Product #MCI-439
Price: $250.00
Womens Open Baroque Jacket
Product #MCI-350
Price: $175.00