Woven Cotton

Your Dressmaker uses high quality, 100 percent natural woven cotton to create many of our rustic style medieval looks. Ideal for assembling peasant-inspired ensembles, this fabric comes in a variety of earthy tones ideal for creating a well grounded medieval look, and all our garments using this material are handmade with expert attention to a quality construction. We offer mens essential medieval shirts, tunics, medieval pants, breeches, and hooded medieval cloaks made from this lightweight, breathable fabric, making them both authentic-looking and comfortable to wear. Try one of our farmers skirts for a charming country peasant look. Add accessories to a woven cotton medieval dress, chemise, or ritual robe, all great bases for arranging almost any medieval look. Versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear, our woven cotton historic reenactment clothes are ideal for Renaissance festivals and medieval or fantasy-themed LARP events.
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Archers Hooded Tunic
Product #MCI-247
Price: $45.00
Corsair Pants
Product #MCI-287
Price: $65.00
Explorer's Doublet
Product #MCI-267
Price: $60.00
Knight's Riding Cape
Product #MCI-246
Price: $145.00
Men's Basic Medieval Pants
Product #MCI-290
Price: $45.00
Roman Kilt With Scarf
Product #MCI-270
Price: $55.00
Rustic Medieval Breeches
Product #MCI-362
Price: $65.00
Victorian Trousers
Product #MCI-293
Price: $60.00