Royal Velvet

Resplendent and lush, royal velvet is a stretch fabric with the look and feel of real velvet. Your Dressmaker uses this high quality material to handcraft many of our most regal and refined looks. Shop here for royal velvet ball gowns, Tudor-inspired fashion for men and women, mens Renaissance breeches, historic tunics, jackets, and more made from this soft and luxurious high-end material, as well as the floppy Renaissance hats to match. Our full length period dresses feature antique velvet as either their main material or as accent fabric. Browse noblemens tunics, historic frocks, Victorian tailcoats, and extravagant royal velvet cloaks fit for high society characters. Rich in texture and appearance, this heavy material will help you achieve a stately look for your next sophisticated costume ball, Renaissance festival, or other formal reenactment event.
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Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard
Product #MCI-255
Price: $160.00
Boys Renaissance Frock
Product #MCI-424
Price: $135.00
Boys Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-425
Price: $30.00
Buccaneer Pants
Product #MCI-286
Price: $75.00
Burgundy Fair Maidens Gown
Product #MCI-128
Price: $250.00
Childs Pirate Pants
Product #MCI-165
Price: $55.00
Childs Renaissance Dress
Product #MCI-156
Price: $132.00
Childs Scottish Dress
Product #MCI-154
Price: $135.00
Classic Noble Ladies Dress
Product #MCI-121
Price: $250.00
Courtly Renaissance Dress - Black and Gold
Product #MCI-202
Price: $250.00
Courtly Renaissance Dress - Blue and Gold
Product #MCI-201
Price: $250.00
Courtly Renaissance Dress - Red and Gold
Product #MCI-200
Price: $250.00
Dark Blue Fair Maidens Gown
Product #MCI-127
Price: $250.00
Elegant Tudor Dress
Product #MCI-344
Price: $170.00
Elven Princess Dress
Product #MCI-113
Price: $250.00
Feathered Floppy Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-369
Price: $50.00
Formal Medieval Wedding Dress
Product #MCI-125
Price: $350.00
Girl's Traditional Scottish Ensemble
Product #MCI-244
Price: $135.00
Gold Velvet Renaissance Tudor Gown
Product #MCI-122
Price: $250.00
Highland Dress
Product #MCI-120
Price: $165.00
Italian Renaissance Breeches
Product #MCI-283
Price: $85.00
King's Renaissance Jacket
Product #MCI-258
Price: $185.00
Ladies Medieval Dress
Product #MCI-133
Price: $250.00
Lady's Renaissance Dress
Product #MCI-206
Price: $215.00