Mens Medieval Shirts and Mens Historic Reenactment Shirts

With the right shirt, you can achieve a multitude of historic looks. Your Dressmaker offers you a fantastic selection of historic shirts that are expertly handcrafted in authentic styles out of high quality materials. Woven natural cotton makes up most of our peasant shirts, pirate shirts, medieval knight shirts, and other essential shirts that will suit almost any character. Some of our Renaissance shirts are well-suited to nobility and are made out of high quality satin. The perfect start to any outfit, our mens medieval shirts can serve as a base for almost any historic look, whether you prefer to dress as a squire, Crusader, bandit, swordsman, or even a well-to-do Renaissance lord. Choose from high collar shirts, lace up shirts, loose fitting shirts intended to be accentuated with a belt, shirts with billowing sleeves, and more. Many of our mens period shirts make versatile bases for almost any look, from the lowliest serf to a noble knight and beyond. Our shirts can also be specially tailored to fit your size and come in a variety of colors ranging from essential neutrals to the bright colors of medieval heraldry. Wear them to your next Renaissance festival, historic reenactment, or LARP event for a look that will help you fit right into your chosen setting and time period.
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Basic Pirate Shirt
Product #MCI-274
Price: $42.00
Buccaneer Suede Shirt
Product #MCI-401
Price: $58.00
European Fencing Shirt
Product #MCI-277
Price: $50.00
French Baron Shirt
French Baron Shirt
Product #MCI-271
Price: $65.00
Gentleman's Renaissance Shirt
Product #MCI-278
Price: $55.00
High Collared Victorian Shirt
High Collared Victorian Shirt
Product #MCI-280
Price: $55.00
Knights Slashed Sleeve Shirt
Product #MCI-273
Price: $65.00
Musketeer Shirt
Product #MCI-281
Price: $55.00
Peasant Shirt
Product #MCI-275
Price: $42.00
Rogue Hunter Shirt
Product #MCI-279
Price: $60.00
Ruffled Medieval Dress Shirt
Product #MCI-272
Price: $80.00
Stand-Up Collar Shirt
Product #MCI-359
Price: $65.00
Velour Vampire Shirt
Product #MCI-276
Price: $45.00