Mens Wedding and Handfasting Attire

Whether you seek to present a dashing figure to your bride-to-be, or wish to celebrate the joyful union of a friend or family member, Your Dressmaker offers a great variety of wedding and handfasting apparel for men. Whether you need period clothing for a themed wedding from the medieval, renaissance, Celtic, or Scottish traditions, our in-house tailors are worthy of the task. Our unique designs cater to a variety of historical periods and genres including steampunk and gothic. Whether you need a tunic for the role of medieval knight, or a buccaneer shirt for a ceremony upon the Seven Seas, Your Dressmaker offers these items and more. Perhaps you wish to portray the royal leader of a medieval kingdom. We create cloaks made of high quality materials such as velour, satin, and cotton fabrics. Customize your look with the choices in fabric, color, styles, and other extra features that we provide. Whatever theme is chosen for this monumental occasion, Your Dressmaker can provide you with the period clothing necessary to fulfill you role. Be you the groom, or a loyal attendant, you will be impressed by the quality and authentic style of our designs. Our good wishes go with you as you partake in a joyous wedding celebration.
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King Henry Royal Pants
Product #MCI-361
Price: $85.00
King Henry Royal Doublet
Product #MCI-357
Price: $175.00
Men's English Houppelande
Product #MCI-317
Price: $85.00
Men's King Arthur Tunic
Product #MCI-245
Price: $120.00
Mens Edwardian Tailcoat
Product #MCI-358
Price: $145.00
Mens Renaissance Breeches
Product #MCI-389
Price: $90.00
Mens Renaissance Doublet
Product #MCI-402
Price: $123.00
Mens Royal Tudor Doublet
Product #MCI-403
Price: $190.00
Mens Royal Tudor Breeches
Product #MCI-388
Price: $105.00
Mens Short Renaissance Cloak
Product #MCI-412
Price: $105.00
Mens Victorian Dress Coat
Product #MCI-356
Price: $175.00
Nobleman's Renaissance Doublet
Product #MCI-257
Price: $160.00
Royal Guard Doublet
Royal Guard Doublet
Product #MCI-263
Price: $145.00
Stand-Up Collar Shirt
Product #MCI-359
Price: $65.00
The Baron's Frock
The Baron's Frock
Product #MCI-254
Price: $175.00
Vintage Pants
Product #MCI-360
Price: $120.00