No buccaneer should sail the Seven Seas without a trusty hat to brave the harsh elements. Nor should a noblewoman of the Renaissance permit the sun to damage her fair skin. A wide brimmed hat with appropriately themed accents will meet the task. Whether you choose to be a member of the royal court, or a humble peasant from a medieval village, you need headgear to complete your period costume. At Your Dressmaker, we offer a fine selection of handmade hats inspired by the Medieval, Renaissance, and Scottish eras. Our specially designed hats are craft from high quality materials and beautiful fabrics. Lace, ostrich feathers, and other ornate accents decorate our Renaissance headwear. We offer fabric variations for many of our handmade items, creating a perfect match for our customized dresses. We also offer crowns, hats, veils, masks, and hoods from other historical eras, assisting in the portrayal of Roman centurions, Viking raiders, and Civil War soldiers. We at Your Dressmaker offer hats inspired by historical icons such as Marie Antoinette and King Henry VIII. We carry Scottish tartan caps to complete traditional highland dress. Whatever historical persona you choose to take, our period headwear will assist in the fulfillment of your role.
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Antique Velvet Hat
Product #MCI-392
Price: $45.00
Antoinette Renaissance Hat
Antoinette Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-324
Price: $28.00
Boys Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-425
Price: $30.00
Feathered Floppy Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-369
Price: $50.00
Floppy Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-368
Price: $45.00
Gothic Style Hood
Product #MCI-152
Price: $33.00
King Henry Hat
Product #MCI-396
Price: $44.00
Ladies Feathered Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-367
Price: $30.00
Marie Antoinette Hat
Product #MCI-394
Price: $44.00
Medieval Hood With Mantle
Medieval Hood With Mantle
Product #MCI-153
Price: $33.00
Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat
Product #MCI-411
Price: $44.00
Mens Medieval Floppy Hat
Product #MCI-400
Price: $35.00
Mens Ornate Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-397
Price: $44.00
Mens Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-399
Price: $44.00
Mens Royal Tudor Hat
Product #MCI-395
Price: $44.00
Monique Renaissance Hat
Product #MCI-365
Price: $60.00
Scottish Tartan Cap
Product #MCI-366
Price: $25.00
Victorian Veil Hat
Product #MCI-390
Price: $32.00
Victorian Summer Hat
Product #MCI-391
Price: $45.00
Woodsman Fur Trimmed Hat
Product #MCI-398
Price: $44.00