Womens Ritual Robes and Womens Medieval Hooded Robes

Whether you are preparing for a secret ceremony, attending a Celtic gathering, or merely dressing up as your LARP priestess character, Your Dressmaker has the womens medieval ritual robes to fit your unique needs. Our womens robes are handmade with expert attention to detail, and many feature handcrafted trim for added authenticity and style. More than the robes of clandestine occultists, our ritual robes are multipurpose staples for any historic reenactment wardrobe. Choose from a variety of styles, including womens medieval tabards, long sleeve robes, bell sleeve gowns, hooded ritual robes, and unique hooded robe styles for a look that suits your character, all made out of high quality materials ranging from natural woven cotton to soft faux suede available in an assortment of colors. Wear a hooded ritual robe to give your ensemble an air of mystery, or wear an embroidered ritual robe for a look befitting medieval nobility. With our custom tailoring, variety of high quality materials, and expert handcrafted construction, our medieval apparel essentials are sure to become great bases for your next medieval or fantasy LARP costume, Renaissance festival outfit, or other historic reenactment ensemble.
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